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Friesian horses – why Friesians

Stately, impressive, gentle – they call almost everyone’s attention. Friesian horses are one of the oldest European horse races. References about their existence can be found from ancient times. The history of the modern Friesian horse starts in the present Dutch province – Friesland, and goes back to the beginnings of the 16th century. Loljke van de Leidijk From the horses used by knights during the wars, ennobled with Arabian and Andalusian blood, through their prominent role as trotters, and through hard times with threat of extinction – they evaluated as modern and comprehensive horses which are more and more popular in the age of horsemanship development. Thanks to the deeply rotted and cultivated race features, they kept until today their proper character – raven-black colour without varieties, a rich, hairy coat, beautiful movement with a high limb action and an excellent temperament. Other characteristic features of this race are a fairly high-placed neck, an oblique shoulder blade, strong limbs, brush-like fetlock. Friesian horses can nowadays be found in three build types: modern, classical and baroque.

They are many-sided horses – they can be successfully used both in horse teams and to ride. They take part in high-ranked competitions and win. They are perfectly competent as inspection as well as recreational horses. Friesians have a good character, display a readiness to work with humans, show confidence and have little inclination for bad habits.

The breeding of Friesian race horses is based on complex principles defined by The Koninklijke Vereniging "Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek", which is also an exclusive authority to rate the horses and to make entries in the Stud Books. All the organisations that unite the Friesian horse breeders abroad are subordinated to the Dutch association and obligated to follow the defined rules. Otherwise, the horses wouldn’t get the right for the Stud Book entry which certifies their race membership. Thanks to the rigorous principles, the breeding is kept at the highest level. One of the most essential aspects of the breeding includes the detailed estimation of the Friesian horses according to the fixed criteria. The horses are rated in defined age and gender groups on the basis of a special form, they get the premium and titles that indicate their quality. The most rigorous rules concern the stallion selection, because the aim is to choose only the best ones, evidenced from offspring – the effect of such a strict selection is a small amount of stallions with the mating licence, whose offspring can get entry in the Stud Book. It has a great impact on the quality of the Friesian horse stock.

Friesian horses are excellent for people to start their adventure with horses, both with regard to their good character and the possibility of developing breeding and attaining success.