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Our Horses

Lolkje van de Leidijk

Pedigree · Linear Score Sheet

Friesian horse Loljke van de Leidijk Another young and promising Ster-mare in our stable. She is five years old, the most hairy and the most baroque mare in the stable. She is also presently the only one with a full pedigree. She is 161 cm tall, so she fits in with the rest of the herd in terms of her height.

Father of Loljke is stallion Sjaard 320, he is not a great star himself, still his Ster-daughters are exceptional. Sjaard has a predisposition both to dressage and driving. Moreover, thanks to the salient mounting of the limbs, he looks beautiful in movement – Loljke definitely has a certain "something" after him. Together with her mother she glittered on many occasions at inspections in the well-known Dutch group "Friesian Quadrille".

Lolkje originates from the female line 18. It is not a big but very good female line, which is distinguished by a high percentage of talented mares and also can take pride in having three acknowledged stallions, what is recognition worth by such a small line. The mare has a full female line: Ster/Ster/Ster Pref./Ster Pref., therefore her mother is on the right track to gain the Preferent-Title.

Lolkje comes from a small but reputable stud, which has brought up a licensed stallion (Maurus). We have high expectations for her from our stable. During this year she gave birth to a filly (after Tsjalke), which gained the first premium at the inspection. Currently she is foaled by a young and promising stallion Loadewyk. Lolkje, as mentioned before, is perfectly broken in – both to ride alone and in the team. She also has dressage potential (not exploited as yet).

She is a horse with a wonderful and charming character.

Lyster K.

Pedigree · Linear Score Sheet

Friesian horse Lyster K.The greatest darling and the youngest mare in the stable (5 years). She represents the modern type of Friesian horse with the characteristically Friesian strong inflection/deflection? of the wrist. She is also 160 cm tall.

Also after Folkert 353 – thus they have a lot in common with Ackelien. The father of her mother Fabe 348 also had a great influence on Lyster’s character and appearance. The decent of the father from a little stallion Abe male line makes her even more useful for reproduction because it decreases the affinity coefficient of her offspring. The mare originates from the very good female line 46, from which also come 4 acknowledged stallions! Her grandmother Jeltsje was a semi-sister of the well-known, excellent model mare Klyster, and her great-grandmother Lyster (besides being her namesake) was a well-known model mare with great achievements!

Lyster is a great friend of everybody, a very resolute, inquisitive and intelligent horse. Although she is a little bit skittish (for a Friesian horse), usually her curiosity wins. She does not bear a grudge for a long time and does not retain bad things in her memory. When somebody comes into the stable, she immediately puts out her head from the box waiting for caresses, and on the pasture she comes running when she is called and walks after the human. During training, while not that vigorous, she is still very clever. She learns fast, and a day without training she considers as lost.

Currently the mare is foaled by the stallion Beart 411. Predictable foaling time is the 20th June, 2010.

Ackelien K.

Pedigree · Linear Score Sheet

Friesian horse Ackelien K.Eminent eight-year-old with the Ster-title and the first premium, a rarity amongst Friesian mares. She has a correct and rather characteristic build and an excellent movement – particularly trot – long and sweeping (she was given the score 8 for this movement!). She is rather the baroque type and stands 160 cm tall at the withers.

She is daughter of Folkert 353 Sport, an excellent stallion with very good achievements, the son of Feitse Pref. From her father she inherited a lot of features: a noble head, well-built fore-part and loins, and an excellent trot. She originates from a small female line 219, her great-grandmother was a founder of this line. Her mother is after Gerlof, that also marked his influence on Ackelien’s image.

Aki is a rather temperamental horse; she has her own opinion and pride. She is a typical alpha mare and dominates in the herd. She can show her best side – a perfect inspection mare, that walks haughtily and with a great appearance. Dynamic and eager to work, very calm. In addition to an excellent mother! Extremely caring to her foals, and also not aggressive to the person looking after her offspring.

Tamara fan Boniastate

Pedigree · Linear Score Sheet

Friesian horse Tamara fan BoniastateThe oldest mare in the stable, but representing the most modern build type. She is also the tallest one – 165cm. She is another one with the Ster title and the first premium. Furthermore, she was invited three times for the Mares Championship!

Father of Tamara is Heinse 354 Sport, which proves himself in dressage competitions in the USA. This stallion gives good offspring and a high percentage of Ster-mares. He is the father of three acknowledged stallions and one horse with the Sport title. The female line of Tamara is also very good, besides the mother, which has only an entry in the Main Stud Book, but further the titles Ster, Preferent, and Model can be found back to the sixth generation. The father of the mother – Sjaard 320 is also an interesting stallion in an older type.

Tamara gives very good offspring – with the first and second premium.

She is a sensitive horse, that responds fast and correctly to commands. She is calm. Vigorous and willing to work. She is broken in on a good level and has taken part in dressage competitions several times.



Friesian horse AmkeShe is nearly a peer of Coen, daughter of Tamara. She is after a young, promising stallion Jisse 433, which is a son of Jasper 366 Sport and mare Brecht Ster after Dirk Sport. She represents the modern build type; she is light and delicate with and excellent movement. When she trots, one gets the impression that she floats above the ground. She is a great hope of the stable and everyone who has seen her says that she deserves the first premium!

Make has also a good character, she is sensitive, calm and well shaped. She can be led, cleaned etc. without a problem from the very early age. Unlike Coen she does not leave her mother for a second.

Coen G.


Friesian horse Coen G.The first child born in this stable! All the foals from the stud „FRISO” will get names that end with the letter "G". This distinguishes their names and indicates the first letter of the owner’s surname.

Coen is a son of the Champion of the year 2008 Haitse 425, a promising stallion, that gives beautiful foals. The colt was born on the 24th of May, 2008, at 9:45pm after a fast delivery action as a very strong foal. From the very beginning he demonstrated great individualism and energy, as he unwillingly submitted himself to nursing procedures. Every day he developed a more and more beautiful body and he bucked and ran happily around his mother. He promises to be a tall horse with beautiful movement. He is friendly towards people, sometimes he forgets his mother and chooses a human companion. He is very obedient – already as a 1,5 month old foal he let himself be led on a halter. He loves to be cleaned.

Frank G.


Friesian horse Frank G.Wałach urodzony w 2009 roku. Syn bardzo dobrego ogiera Tsjalke 397 i klaczy z tytułem Ster i pierwszą premią. Po ojcu odziedziczył majestatyczny wygląd i ruch, piękną linię ciała; po matce natomiast dynamikę i spokojny ale charyzmatyczny charakter. Jest odważnym i bardzo pojętnym koniem, dobrze wychowanym. Wyrośnie na pięknego konia w typie pośrednim – o dobrym użytkowo ruchu i wyraźnych cechach rasowych. Wałach powinien być wystawiony do przeglądu hodowlanego po ukończeniu 2,5 roku.

Falk G.


Friesian horse Falk G.Falk jest synem ogiera Tsjalke 397, dającego dumnie wyglądające i wszechstronnie użytkowe potomstwo. Oczekujemy wiele po Falku ze względu na bardzo dobry ruch, piękną budowę i dobry charakter. Jest spokojnym koniem, który lubi obserwować otoczenie, jest też bardzo przyjazny w stosunku do ludzi i innych koni. Wyróznia go szlachetna uroda i pięknie ukształtowana szyja i przód. Wałach powinien być wystawiony do przeglądu hodowlanego po ukończeniu 2,5 roku.

Flip G.


Friesian horse Flip G.Flip jest synem młodego ogiera Loadewyk 431, który daje potomstwo o delikatniejszej budowie i dość dynamicznym charakterze. Flip odziedziczył jednak wiele cech po swojej matce, bardzo dobrej klaczy Ster z pełnym rodowodem. Dzięki temu prezentuje budowę w typie pośrednim między barokową a nowoczesną, a także bardzo dobry ruch, który mamy nadzieję zapewni mu sukcesy na polu użytkowym. Z charakteru jest koniem spokojnym, zrównoważonym, bardzo inteligentnym – łatwo się wszystkiego uczy, jest też bardzo przyjazny. Wałach powinien być wystawiony do przeglądu hodowlanego po ukończeniu 2,5 roku.

Hanke G.


Koń fryzyjski Hanke G.Długo oczekiwana klaczka w hodowli FRISCO spełnia oczekiwania z nawiązką. Jest bardzo urodziwą młodą damą o delikatnej budowie i fantastycznym ruchu! Już jako dwutygodniowe źrebię nie raz dała pokaz wspaniałego kłusa, co jest rzadkością. Jej ruch wyróżnia wspaniała równowaga i mocna akcja kończyn. Hanke jest córką jednego z najlepszych ogierów fryzyjskich, wielokrotnego Czempiona Beart`a 411. Po ojcu odziedziczyła wiele wspaniałych cech jak choćby ruch i budowę, które w połączeniu z typowo fryzyjskimi cechami matki dają wyjątkowy rezultat. Ponadto Hanke, jak wszystkie źrebięta klaczy Lyster, wyróżnia kruczo-kara, nie blaknąca w lecie maść.